Herat Ice Cream

About Us

Initially, this company was known by it ice cream products with a variety of shapes and flavors, now has emerged with its dairy production line all over Afghanistan. However, the company is seeking to increase its products in this area. In addition to its dairy products including milk and yoghurt, is planning to extend its products in the relevant market because of the huge demand. This company offers more than 40 types of dairy products:

Various types of Ice cream (teddy, magnum, chamber, cypress, pamir, melon…..) with different flavors
Yoghurt in different sizes
Dough: large, small, family pack
Pasteurized milk pack


For development of economic industry of the country, providing jobs for general public and raising income of the people.


To deliver the ultimate ice cream experience to our customers by:

۱. Sticking to our commitment of providing best-in-class ice creams & dairy made from natural and premium ingredients.
۲. Delivering beyond satisfactory services, world-class décor, and various flavors to meet each individual’s taste.
۳. Constantly delighting our customers to ensure they come back to us.

Company Policy

At the moment, we pursue the following objectives in order to maintain its state among the industry:
To enter latest technology into the country’s dairy industry along with the convoy to update knowledge in this regard
To have a upright determination based on products produced in accordance with standards defined by international bodies such as CODEX standards that represents the world’s food industry
The affordable price and good behavior with our customers with consideration of their taste and interest
Having supplies consistent with the largest international manufacturers
Continuous training of manpower for better and healthier products
There are plans to create a concept of RD (research development) with cooperation and assistance of European and American experts for those who are interested in this.
Committed to environmentally friendly activities Development of domestic market share with untiring efforts to seek way into foreign markets.
Observance of environmental principles in the design and production


Herat Ice Cream company started its activities in 2003 A.D to supply the needs of the country’s dairy in a land of 5000 square meters of underpinning area and is located in the Herat Industrial park. The company aims to produce high quality products by the latest machinery and technology so that dairy products can rival foreign products as well. Increasing value of products with the three international standards(ISO) in the food stuff proves this claim. The company started with ice cream production and then extended its product with bringing in its dairy production in the market in 1386.Taking these arguments and diversity of products into account, Herat Ice Cream & Dairy is the largest company in Afghanistan.
Distribution Networks

Currently, our products are supplied to major cities of Afghanistan such as( Kabul, Mazaar e sharif, Herat, Kandaha, Farah, Jalal Abad, Helmand, Ghazni, Parwan, Kondoz, Logar, Khost, Paktia, Badghis, Maimana…) and hopefully will cover other cities in a near future.